Version 3 (Hayward)

Version 2.6 - Jenny

Complete redesign of the interface
Performance Optimization
Bug fixes

Version 2.5 - Jenny

Better management of skills and knowledge
Activity sheets
PFMP monitoring and evaluation
Bug fixes

Version 2.4 - Jenny

New server
New dashboard homepage
Versioning Management for Activities
Sequence sharing between teacher and between classes
Kwi file format allowing import / export of sequence
Optimization of the evaluation interface
Bug fixes

Version 2.3.5 - Jenny

New calculation algorithm
Improved and optimized evaluation interface
Possibility to take photos with each question to enhance the work of students.
Securing image files (including student photos)
Adding activity coefficients
Bug fixes

Version 2.3 - Jenny

New changes to the database
Complete Institution Management Interface
Weeki Assistant - Online Help
Integration of the level of autonomy
Edit files in odt and docx
Bug fixes

Version 2.2 - Jenny

Important changes to the database
Integration of materials
Promotion Management
Switching to HTTPS to improve security
Bug fixes

Version 2.1 - Jenny

Opening a detailed sheet when clicking on a note
Rubric " consult a student "in the "Tracking / Review " interface
Portfolio, notes, statistics
Redesign of the login interface
Password reset interface
Adding a pupil interface (Portfolio & planning)
Bug fixes

Version 2 - Jenny

Complete redesign of the interface
Completely redesigned evaluation interface
Progress Management
Management of rotation schedules
Bug fixes

Version 1 - Solissimo

Test Version


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